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Parkway Place        
Program Description, Eligibility and Exclusionary Criteria        

It is the policy of Parkway Place to provide residential services for female veterans that assist in achieving the goals of residential stability, increased skill level and/or income, and greater self-determination of each participant.

Parkway Place provides on-site temporary housing and supportive services to its residents. For those who are assessed to need services beyond that which Parkway Place offers, an appropriate referral to a community resource will be made for the individual.

Residents commit to a recommended length of stay based on assessment information. Residents will be informed of the correlation between length of stay and goal attainment. Residents are eligible under the grant and per diem program to stay for up to 24 months; any extensions beyond that must be approved in advance by the VA.

Parkway Place utilizes watchful oversight, supportive services and sobriety to assist residents in goal attainment. While Parkway Place is not a treatment center, all residents:

  • 1. sign a behavior contract to maintain sobriety during stay
  • 2. undergo frequent drug screens and breathalyzers.
  • 3. may be discharged or not admitted for positive alcohol/drug screens, or refusal to commit to sobriety while in the program, respectively.
  • 4. identify and work toward self-determined goals

Residential responsibilities and interaction are vital parts of goal attainment as the team endeavors to instill positive life skills into the thoughts and habit patterns of the residents. Clients progress through a phase system of growth and development and as progress is made, privileges are earned.

Parkway Place will maintain a waiting list in the event that beds become full, and will stay in close contact with other shelters to alert referral sources of bed openings.

Parkway Place ensures that the following services are directly provided by Parkway Place or other existing community resources: Housing, Meals, Transportation, Case Management, Drug/Alcohol testing, Counseling, Gym Membership, Employment Training, 12-Step Meetings, Life Skills Training, Computer Literacy, Nutrition and Health Education, Financial Management, Character Development, Domestic Violence counseling (as needed), Sexual Trauma counseling (as needed), and other services assessed to be an integral part of the resident’s individual plan.

Potential residents are eligible for admission if they meet the following criteria:

  • 1. do not currently have custody of children
  • 2. have other than dishonorable discharge
  • 3. are sober upon admission and show no symptoms of withdrawal
  • 4. meet HUD standards of homelessness
  • 5. have recently received substance abuse treatment and willing to receive treatment by VA, if assessed to have a substance use disorder
  • 6. substance abuse not a requirement
  • 7. confirm veteran status (ask the VA GPD liaison to review DD-214)
  • 8. ability to administer their own medications
  • 9. agree to assessment by licensed/certified counselors with substance abuse experience
  • 10. Pass six panel drug screen by us or VA


The exclusionary admission criteria for Parkway Place are:

  • 1. The applicant has attempted suicide within the last 7 days prior to seeking admission to Parkway Place, and has not been hospitalized, or evaluated by a psychiatrist to not be a risk to self or others.
  • 2. In the judgment of the Director or his designee, there is evidence of the applicant’s inability to comply with program guidelines due to complicating psychiatric or medical illness.
  • 3. Applicants who are required to take controlled substances will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  • 4. The applicant is unable to care for herself and, in the judgment of the Director or his designee, will not substantially improve with extended treatment.
  • 5. Applicants who exhibit evidence of infectious disease that require isolation.
  • 6. Applicants who exhibit a need for intensive medical care that may be better met in a medical treatment environment.
  • 7. Parkway Place will refer any applicant that demonstrates the above-mentioned circumstances to the local VAMC.
  • 8. Pregnant females are given priority of admission, with the understanding that a referral out will be made following delivery as Parkway Place does not serve infants or children.
  • 9. Minors.
  • 10. Applicants who do not meet criteria for eligibility for admission.