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Parkway Place        
Services Policy and Procedures        

It is the policy of Parkway Place to provide supportive living and therapeutic services to its residents and ensure coordination of care with other providers in the community for services that the Organization does not directly provide. PROCEDURE

Direct Service Provision
The specific services offered by Parkway Place include:

  • 1. FOOD, SHELTER AND TRANSPORTATION- Residents are assigned to a bed at Parkway Place in a semi-private room. Food costs are covered, however clients are expected to prepare their own food; food is purchased by the resident manager, with the input of the other residents based on meal plans that comply with the US Department of Agriculture’s nutritional guidelines. Vehicles and gas are provided strictly for residence-related activities, and are approved for use on an individual basis.

  • 2. THERAPEUTIC ENVIRONMENT- The staff is responsible for maintaining a therapeutic environment for all residents. This is accomplished by modeling respectful treatment of all residents, and consistently encouraging residents to interact with each other, both formally and informally. The Resident Manager monitors the interaction and intervenes as necessary to promote an environment marked by caring and accountability to the larger group. The staff also models honesty, openness and individual responsibility.

  • 3. MENTORING- The staff encourages mentoring through providing weekly dinner with a guest meetings and providing other opportunities for residents to interact with other veterans, instilling a sense of hope and direction in each resident.

  • 4. Drug and Alcohol Testing and transportation to 12-step meetings

  • 5. CASE MANAGEMENT- the case manager provides 30-minute weekly consultations, updates to individual goals on a monthly basis, documentation of monthly progress, and assistance with daily life struggles

  • 6. HEALTH EDUCATION- the Parkway Place RN provides three (3) hours of health education, addressing sexually transmitted diseases, nutrition, exercise, and general physical self-care.



Coordination of Care
If not directly provided by Parkway Place, the organization will ensure provision of counseling, employment training, vocational rehabilitation assessment, comprehensive array of Life Skills Training, computer literacy, 10-session financial management course, domestic violence counseling, sexual trauma counseling, and other services as needed based on initial and ongoing assessment information. Parkway Place does not have a physician on staff, nor does it provide treatment for mental health, substance abuse, or medical conditions. Clients entering the program are provided a thorough psychosocial and medical assessment which is used in development of the individual plan. Residents under the grant and per diem program are referred to the VAMC for medical, mental health, and substance abuse treatment. Clients who have a preferred treatment provider or wish to make their own treatment arrangements may make these arrangements at their own expense.