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Parkway Place        
Phase System and Individual Plan Development        

Parkway Place utilizes the following phase system to guide residents in their individual plan development, done in conjunction with the counselor during the assessment process.

Individual Plans shall be reviewed at least on a monthly basis, with modifications made accordingly.

Phase 1 Goals:

* Obtain treatment (medical/mental health/ substance abuse) and follow treatment protocol
* Maintain sobriety, as evidenced by urine drug/alcohol screens and self-report
* Optimize physical health (sleep, nutrition, regular exercise)
* Obtain life skills training based on individual needs (computer literacy, nutrition education, financial management, character development, etc.)

Phase 2 Goals:

* Maintain Phase 1 Progress
* Vocational Rehabilitation (including CWT), as needed
* Additional life skills training (character development)
* Job skill development, as needed

Phase 3 Goals:

* Expansion of support system
* Continuation of job skill development
* Additional life skills training (character development)
* Achievement of employment-related goals
* Mentorship of new residents

Phase 4 Goals:

* Employment maintenance
* Peer Support
* Achieving readiness for, and obtaining, permanent housing
* Commitment in continuing to participate in program as a peer following discharge

Parkway Place firmly believes in Peer Support, or “Veterans Helping Veterans,” and has established procedures to ensure that peers are an integral part of each residents stay. Residents act as mentors as they enter phase three, and are encouraged to mentor after discharge.

Parkway Place recognizes that involving residents after discharge improves when residents are invested in the program; mentorship is one way to encourage this undertaking.